4. Dec, 2014


Rohitesh Prasad was the last born of his parents Dr Ram Lakhan & Mrs Saroj Kumari Prasad and was always regarded as the lucky baby of the family. Born on 29th September 1971, he began his primary education at Veiuto Primary and went to Suva Grammar School, Xavier College, Natabua High and Brisbane Grammar School before gaining admittance to the University of the South Pacific. His next educational studies took him to Bond University and then a few others like Newcastle and Deakin in NSW Australia.

Rohitesh worked in various financial and managerial positions in Canberra, NSW and Qld before venturing to Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia to be the Chief Executive Officer of i-HR Consulting Sdn Bhd where he is enjoying to face the challenges and continuously looks for opportunities for his organization to prosper and progresss.

At work Supra Ramasamy together with his team of talented personnel are the greatest professional support for Roy Prasad and at home Winnie Tam provides him with the needed love and care. 

Roy adores his two children Elliott and Charlotte. His children are doing exceptionally well at St Agatha's Catholic School in Pennant Hills NSW.

Roy loves his game of golf and has many reliable friends and colleagues that keep him moving ahead with vigour and enthusiasm. 


My youngest child ROHITESH PRASAD (son) has been HR specialist and consultant since 2013 and has never looked back but kept moving ahead in the right direction to move HR practices to the highest and qualitative levels.

As Chief executive officer at i-HR Consulting Sdn Bhd he has helped the company move to professional height and be recognized as one of the leading operators in SE Asia.

Roy’s persistence at work and his tenacity at professional institutions have led him to continue with his academic excellence. Apart from his basic under-graduate pursuits he studied Master of Business Administration at  Graduate School, University of Newcastle and also studied Doctor of Business Administration at International Business School of Scandinavia.