19. Sep, 2015



As the director of training at my workplace I had to conduct various training programs to motivate my staff and here is one episode of that presentation.

While talking to my workers who needed some advice on stress management and the power of positive thinking I picked up a glass of water from the table. They all thought that I would be talking about the old maxim of glass half full or glass half empty. But they were surprised when I asked them, “Guess what would be the weight of the water in the glass?”

They all agreed that it might weigh 300 to 400 grams but when I told them that whatever weight you have guessed makes no difference to my point of contention, they were further confused.

The real difference is revealed when I know how long I can hold this glass of water in my hand.

I said, “What will happen if I keep holding this glass of water in my hands for a minute?”

The answer was insignificant because I said nothing might happen.

I then said, “On the other hand what will happen if I keep holding this glass of water in my hand for an hour?”

The answer was obvious that I may feel some pain in my hand or there can be some stiffness in my hand.

But my next question was critical, “What will happen if I keep holding this glass of water in my hand for a day?”

My answer was that my hand would definitely be very painful, could be paralysed or I may not be able to use my hand well after this. However, in all the three actions the weight of the water in the glass neither increased nor decreased. It did not change at all.

Similar corollary can be drawn and give result in our work and family lives for our anxiety, worry, stress, sorrow, fear, misery, calamity and other concerns.

If you can manage to just keep these in your mind for a minute then nothing will happen to you.

However, if you keep these in your thoughts for an hour they can begin to bother you to cause trouble by giving you pain, tension and perplexity.

But if you keep them sitting in your thoughts and mind for days on end then these calamities would make your life miserable and you will find it hard to perform your tasks, duties and responsibilities efficiently and effectively. They will paralyse your thoughts and you will not be able to think well and act with proper rationale.

In conclusion let me state that in all the three situations your glass of worries and tensions remained constant but remember to put the glass of anxieties, calamities and tensions away within the first minute of picking it. Do not carry it for days in order to remain free from all types of stress and negative thinking. Be positive. Be Happy. Be Useful. Be Healthy. Be Productive.

Dr Ram Lakhan Prasad