1. Sep, 2015



Time is money. Time is important. Time is valuable. Most of the enthusiastic people are well aware that our time is valuable. Not all of us, however, are equally conscious that time is important and valuable for other people as well.

So recognizing all of the above points we can safely say that there is always a constructive way to use our time more wisely. When we ignore the value of time of other people, you cannot blame them if they do the same.

Therefore recognizing that other people’s time is valuable is a subtle way to help them realize it too. This is one of those important things that we have to strive for if we want an efficient operation. Your concern for other people’s time makes them feel important.

If you are busy when people want to see you, do you usually let them wait? It is wiser and makes a much more positive impression if you find out immediately what they want. Maybe it is something you can handle in a few seconds. If not then suggest that they come back later when you can see them right away. Either that or you will drop by and see them. You do not achieve anything by forcing them to cool their heels for a half hour or so.

Then how about the times when you are really tied up with very important matters? They are urgent and you do not want to be disturbed by other matters if you can possibly help it. All right, let us think first of the people who might want to see you. Check to find out if they need your opinion or agreement on anything before you become available. Then delegate authority to someone else to handle the other matters that may come up. Make it possible for life to go on as smoothly a possible, even though you would not be available to make all the decisions you normally would.

Some managers, supervisors and executives whether they realize it or not, are definitely bottlenecks. They do not realize that their subordinates’ time is valuable too. If you do not think that other people’s time is worth money, then why should they? 

Helping people get results instead of just going through the motion is what management is all about. We can establish a few suggestions to help us achieve our goal and save our as well as the time of other people

First, make sure that the right person is in the right job. People whose skills or training do not fit the job will waste valuable time and effort to do things they cannot do.

Second, give subordinates a clear idea of where their jobs begin and end. Overlapping responsibilities often result in duplicating of effort.

Third, make sure that the people in the group know what the main objective is and how their work will help to achieve that objective. Going off on tangents means wasted time.

Fourth, give individual attention to those who mean well, who seem to be busy and to be working, but who do not usually accomplish much. Faulty work habits and wrong mental attitudes must be corrected before the worker can contribute fully to the overall effort.

Fifth, help people cut through details and routine to the heart of the matter. Too many people get so wrapped up in how to do things that they lost sight of what they ought to be accomplishing.