13. Mar, 2017


PRAANESH PRASAD My Eldest Child (Son)

Managing Director  07 3251 2222  praanesh.prasad@workpac.com

Praanesh Prasad joined WorkPac in 2010. Appointed CEO in 2013, Praanesh maintained and grew the business through the end of the Global Financial Crisis and a mining and resources downturn. 

Responsible for the operational delivery, quality training, safety and financial performance of WorkPac, Praanesh's tenacious approach to delivering diversified investments and revenue streams saw him join the WorkPac Group board as Managing Director in 2016. 

“Whether it's our fleet maintenance services, our healthcare businesses, our registered training organisation or our disruptive technology and software innovations, we're making our business materially different now and over the next five years compared to the previous five years. Our pathway to diversification allows us to remain strong,” says Praanesh.

WorkPac's Managing Director has influenced heavy industry and technology on a global scale. As Honeywell Inc's former Global Business Director - Mining, Minerals and Metals he developed and executed business improvement and capital projects within mining and mineral processing operations across Chile, Indonesia, Africa and Australia. 

During his tenure with the WorkPac Group, the business has continued to exceed its targets of 12% average annual growth and gross profit and importantly, doing this without compromising the business' investment priorities in valuing people, safety, innovation, customers, our Field Team Member services and community. 

“I've worked for some of the world's largest organisations but there is a heightened sense of comradery here at WorkPac,” says Praanesh. “We play for the jumper”.