14. Jun, 2015



I strongly feel that there are five aspects that influence our existence in this world. The first is our biological make up, like who were our parents and grandparents. The second is our geography, as where we have come from and where we interacted with the various people. The third is our sociological composition, like the society where we grew up with. The fourth are our friends, colleagues and antagonists whose words, actions, talents, character and help or hindrances made us move forward. The fifth are our teachers and advisers who helped us gain the necessary skills, talents and knowledge to fearlessly face the good, bad and the ugly in this world. 

Now let me state quite categorically at the outset that all my five supportive social agents, various institutions and specific individuals were very helpful of my overall growth, my indoctrination and my developments.  I have the greatest of admiration for all of them. They are the real heroes who have made me what I am today.  They together have assisted me construct my route for the future and they deserve the credit for all that I am able to contribute in my family and work life.

I met these people in various places and professions. I met my people of interest in palaces, I chatted with the people in the pubs, I interacted with the right people in professional encounters, I acted and reacted with my people in parlours and parades, I participated with these people as politicians in and around parliaments, I joined them as peasants, patrons, paupers and peers but most importantly I communicated with my people who were perfect, prejudiced, perverse, pessimists and philanthropists. These have been my educators, my influences, my spoilers and my enlightening elites. I am made of sterner stuff and I am proud of all my people who contributed to enrich my experiences.

Despite all these encouraging influences, I have a deep regret that has given me a slight set back in my life. I could not please everyone because I developed into a positive thinker and a person with a specific rationale. I learnt to call a spade a spade and thus was able to be with people who could see, respect and honour my views.

This tiny set back ultimately became my very powerful tool of existence because I was able to be a consultant with a difference. I knew that I had developed the appropriate talents, I empowered myself to various undeniable strengths that provided me multiple opportunities to overcome many of my waning weaknesses. 

So I have never taken things for granted.(TTFG). If someone told me that there was a candle burning in front of me, I wanted to do several things to convince myself that it really was a burning candle and not a reflection of it in a mirror. I learnt from one of my favourite poets who created an admirable couplet.

Ay mere doston umar bhar main aysa  bhool karta raha

Dhool mere chehre pe thi par main aina saaf karta raha

Friends, all my life I was making an unforgivable error,

Dust had settled on my face but I was wiping the mirror.

I have always believed that truth, goodness, beauty and gentleness were part of all intelligent human beings. This trend will prevail as long as we kept ourselves abreast of all the needed knowledge, talents and skills. Our hunger for self development will never starve us of our enlightenment.

I have had specific hunger for a few things in life. I was hungry for knowledge. I was hungry for progress. I was hungry for peace. I was hungry for prosperity and above all I was hungry for victory. Gradually with determination I managed to satisfy all these.

Consequently, I am now reaching what I term as contentment. This state of living becomes easy for everyone when we learn to accommodate and live comfortably with whatever we are given, whatever we are able to acquire with honest means and whatever we can use and manage with pride and dignity.

Complete satisfaction with the affairs in our life is for all of us who have the courage and stamina to move forward despite all the hardship and difficulties that press on us. We are totally satisfied with things in our life when the wish becomes wiser, instinctual, sincere and honest.

When these things happen in our life we attain peace of a special nature. The life becomes self sufficient and the only things that assist us are our deep rooted beliefs and our genuine prayers.

In God I trust and the rest just come to me gradually.