4. Dec, 2014

Dr Ram Lakhan Prasad

Ram Lakhan Prasad was born on 18th January, 1940 in a small village of Botini in Sabeto District of Nadi Town. His father Bhagoti Prasad and his mother Ram Kumari were farmers working on a 70 hectare land planting sugarcane, pineapple and mixed crops such as lantil, rice, vegetables and a variety of fruits. They also had a large herd of goat and dairy cows. A few strong oxen were used to plough the land and pull carts but the horses were a good means of transport and to spend the leisure hours riding on them around the village.

In his early childhood days Ram Lakhan lived with his parents and grand parents in a joint family and before going to Sabeto Primary School he was taught at home by his grand father, father and uncle and aunts. His primary school teachers developed his various linguistic, physical and artistic skills and he was the first student of the village to pass the School Leaving Certificate to gain admission to Natabua High School in 1954 to complete his Junior and Senior High School Certifcates by the end of 1957.

He was an artist of many fine arts. He participated in school drama clubs, sports competitions, oratory and debate clubs and was an important member of the Cadetship. His teachers incalcated a love of literature and social sciences and as a result he was sel;ected to be trained as a teacher at Nasinu Teachers' College in 1958. 

At the College Ram Lakhan continued his hobbies of drama and acted in a variety of stage shows as the main actor. He also played hockey and soccer for the College teams. He was elected as the Treasurer of the Students' Council and completed his Diploma in Accountancy from London School of Accountancy with the guidance of the Vice Principal of the College J L Stevens. 

After his training he was posted to teach in Vanualevu for four years before returning home to serve his village school with his wife Saroj Kumari Sharma. He got married to his College Mate of 1959 on 19th January, 1964. They were later transferred to Suva Education District to teach at Nakaulevu, Nasinu and Nakaikongo Schools and by the end of 1971 they had four of their children, Praanesh, Praneeta, Harshita and Rohitesh.

In 1972 Ram Lakhan went to USSR, India, Singapore and Geneva as a delegate of the Fiji Federation of Labour and on his return was asked to conduct Job Evaluation Exercise for the teachers of Fiji. He was awarded Fiji Government In-Service Scholarship to complete his degree at the University of the South Pacific in Education, English Language and Social Sciences. 

After completing his degrees he was appointed as Head of Languages in various High Schools before getting promoted to the post of Senior Education Officer with the Curriculum Development Unit of Education Department of Fiji. While he was a full time teacher he also worked as a part time unionist and represented the Fiji Teachers' Union at various international and national conferences, seminars and meetings in USA, Canada, Brazil, Panama City, Japan, Hongkong, New Zealand, Australia, Laos and India.

He then retired as the Head of Western Division Secondary Schools' Advisory Team and joined Motibhai Group of Companies as their Director of Human Resources. While in the Western Division he was an active Rotarian and gave a lot of motivational lectures to students, Jaycees, Lions and other youth groups. Ram Lakhan completed his MBA and DBA from California and wrote books such as History And Development of Education, Motivation Towards 2000, A Guide To Parents and Selling Tactfully. 

Dr Ram Lakhan Prasad then applied to migrate to Brisbane Australia where he taught as a Senior Lecturer for ten years before retiring to continue his HR and Education Consultancy work from his home in Bellbowrie. He is now fully retired but acts as an honorary advisor to various HR organizations and does some volunteer work for Brisbane Seniors as an IT Mentor.

Contact details: 76 Ghost Gum Street, Bellbowrie, Queensland 4070. Phone 07 32028564       Mobile 0451387763 email srlprasad40@hotmail.com Website: www.ramlprasad.com 

All his print, audio and video publications can be read and viewed at Google Plus, Google Drive, YouTube and Free-ebooks.net.